Each of these sites was custom designed to create the right impression for visitors and potential customers.

The Tutor site is understated, honest and simple to navigate. The students work straight into the site, so that they can share their work immediately and with pride, whilst the work is "still warm!"

The Village site is diverse with a careful balance of interesting community and commercial content, which is rewarding for the curious and exciting for sponsers and companies with aspirations for achieving a growing market "reach".

Tower Photography was the original site on which the foundation for each of the other sites was developed. It has minimal text and wherever possible allows the images to speak for themselves. It combines personal and professional work which reflects the fine line that in theory divides the two.

Webdesign is a product of my own aspirations to use the creative skills I have developed to design, build and maintain sites for other people and purposes. As yet it is a guest on the Photography site but it has his eyes clearly on the goal of becoming successful enough to afford a site of its own in the future.


Projecting the cost to potential clients is never easy as there are so many unknowns at the outset of a project, but as a rough guide it is likely to cost in the region of £500 to design and build a site and around £100 pa. to maintain it including holding regular "conversations" with social media.