"Official Photographer - Royal Cornwall Show 2017"

A great chance to develop my royal portfolio . . .

"Bodmin GCSE 16 - Full Collection"

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"Wadebridge Big Breakfast - Cancer Research"

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"RJ Bray Open Day - NCA"

"Staedtler Animation at Wadebridge Primary"

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"Cornish Winter Fair"

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"Rachael's Raffle Reward"

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"Lady luck smiled on promising young musician Rachael Watson when she won the Cornwall Folk Festival's major raffle prize of a signed guitar. Eleven year old Rachael from Wadebridge was a runner up in the Festival's Young Folk Musician of the Year competition. She is a guitarist and violinist who says she loves all kinds of music. The guitar was donated by Hobgoblin Music Shop in Wadebridge and is signed by all the artists who performed at this year's festival. She was presented with her prize at the shoop by Lynette Rentoul, a director of the Cornwall folk Festival and organiser of the Cornwall Young Folk Musician of the Year awards."

Cornish Guardian 4/11/15

"Wadebridge GCSE Results"
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"Wadebridge A Level Results"

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"Carnival 15"

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"Steve Temple - Staff Nurse - My 6 Favourite Things"



Steve who is 50, came to Bodmin in 1982 to take a post as a fully qualified psychiatric nurse at St Lawrences. In those days it was wards and white coats. He has worked in a number of institutions over the years including Broadmoor. He now works at Belmont House for elderly mentally ill patients generally for people suffering with dementia. 


1 – Children and Family – I love my family, I’m very happy to be a Dad now, although I was once considered to be a bit of a hell-raiser. They, undoubtedly form the centre of our daily lives and activities. There is Amy (18), Harry (5) who goes to nearby St Petroc’s School, Sam (3) goes to pre-school. My wife Nicky works as a speech and language therapist. A little while ago we all enjoyed a “Pirate Party”.


2 – Vinyl Records from the 1960’s and the Punk rock era – especially The Clash, The Jam and The Pistols. I remember going to the Colliseum to see bands like UB40, the Stranglers and New Order. It would be great to have in Bodmin an arts centre like the Phoenix in Exeter, as a venue to celebrate the wide diversity of local artistic and musical talent.


3 – Books and Reading – I would describe myself as a voracious reader with broad tastes, but particularly I likes books with a historical element. Once I finish a book I am often at a loss for a day or two because I have often become so absorbed. I like to collect first editions if the opportunity arises. The best book I’ve ever read was “The Story of Sam Michelle” by Axel Munthe, a Swedish, Victorian Doctor, who trained in Paris. It’s a fascinating semi autobiographical romp including everything from affairs and epidemics, to hypnotism.


4 - Graphic Art and Design from the 60s period - The large expanses of white space, clean lines and primary colours are the main attraction for me, but also there are beloved associations with 60’s. Although I’ve never really pursued it I used to like creating cartoons and I enjoyed making the programmes and backdrops for plays and Christmas shows at St Lawrences.


5 – “Hammer and Sickle” badge – it’s tiny, but I am sporting a Russian “Hammer and Sickle” badge in the picture to represent the socialist principles I hold dear to my heart. I am however, keen to point out that I’m not a Stalinist and don’t support current Russian policies. Fair play and tolerance are key priorities for me with the immediate post war years featuring as a particularly good time in history when people were willing to work together and Thatcherite privatization had not yet emerged as “a solution” to natural economic ups and downs.


6 – White Uniform Jacket – Steve laments the passing of a time when a ward on St Lawrences with 25 old people would include at least a charge nurse, 2 fully qualified staff nurses, 3 or 4 nursing assistants and a team of students on a shift. A consultant could be expected to visit every week and a registrar every day. There was also an occupational team who would provide a bus trip every week or so.


"Mark Rowe - Postman - My Perfect Weekend"



Mark served in the Royal Navy for over 23 years before becoming a postman at Bodmin Delivery Office, where he has been for the last 14 years. Given the nature of Post Office work weekends are at a premium and already often close to perfect, but if he was living the dream . . .


It’s Friday and work is finished, so I’m off to California with my son Matt to play a round of golf on the Pebble Beach course against Rory McIlroy and Ian Poulter. We win on the 18th of course and celebrate with a whole lot of banter and plenty of cold beers.


I’m up early on Saturday morning to meet my wonderful wife Nicola at the Colliseum in Rome. We take a leisurely drive down the Amalfi coast with all its quaint, picturesque Italian villages, finally stopping in Sorrento to explore the side streets, shops and bars. As evening arrives we catch a fast speedboat across to the Island of Capri for dinner in the best restaurant. We stay in the Grande Hotel Quisisana where Michael Buble just happens to be playing the piano in the lobby as we arrive.


Sunday morning arrives and we find ourselves on Bondi Beach, Sydney, catching up with my niece Jenna and her boyfriend my great mate Sharpy. We do a bit of surfing, catch some rays and toss a few “snags” on the barbie. We jet back stopping off at Newton Abbot races to meet up with the rest of my family, who have all come to lose some of their hard earned cash. Happily worn out we make it back to Bodmin just in time for Poldark. Just as it is about to begin I get a call from the Lottery telling me I have won a substantial amount of money from Saturday night’s draw. Hopefully this will be enough to secure a home for each of our children and their families . . . if only!



"Martin Langdon - My 6 Favourite Things"



Martin who is 58, was born in Wadebridge - a 'Bridger' through and through and proud of his Cornish roots. Married to Myra for 34 years and has a son, Ryan who is 27. I  know how lucky I am to live and work in and around Wadebridge, such a great part of the country.


1 - Scout Uniform - Scouting has been a part of my life for 52 years man and boy, joined Wadebridge Scout Group in 1963 as a cub and have never left, holding most adult positions in scouting in the Group and District. This has enabled me to make a lot of friends over the years and help a lot of boys to enjoy their spare time.


2 - My Son, Ryan - he went to school in Wadebridge and I am very proud that he managed to go on and obtain a Masters Degree from Hertford College, Oxford in Geology and Earth Sciences and is now in the final months of doing a PhD at Camborne School of Mines.


3 - My Trowel - this has been with me for over 40 years, since I did my 4 year apprenticeship as a mason. I love my work and have always been in the building trade in and around Wadebridge. In 1983 I went self-employed and have enjoyed every day of my work and also have made a lot of friends from my customers.


4 -  Pumpkin - vegetables and gardening is a passion for me. I love growing crops to eat and give away to friends. I have two allotments, which I tend to in my spare time. I am Chairman of the local Onion Show and also try to grow some extra large veg to show in local garden shows.


5 - Father Christmas Light - Christmas is a very special time in our household and every year we cover the outside of the house and garden in lights to raise money for charity. We have supported the Air Ambulance, Help For Heroes, Shelterbox, The Children's Hospice and Port Isaac RNLI to name a few. This started in a very small way when Ryan was young and now we have a display in excess of 17,000 light bulbs.


6 - Rucksack and Boots - there is nothing I like more to relax than a nice long walk. Quite often I go off with my friend Stuart to the wild Tors of Dartmoor - we both love the wild open spaces of the moors although occasionally we do walk and explore a new part of Cornwall.


"HRH Sophie Wessex and the RCS Staff"



Obstetrician Dr Keedwell and Maternity Nurse Katie Daly - "Heading for Malawi"



Obstetric doctor Richard Keedwell and his maternity nurse fiancee Katie Daly are soon to leave their jobs at the Royal Cornwall Hospital at Treliske to lead maternity services in rural Malawi.

The couple, who live in Lanivet, are undertaking a six month placement in the Zomba district of Malawi where women and babies die everyday of diseases such as malaria, HIV and obstructed labour.

This couple are working under the auspices of charity organisation Maternity Worldwide.

Life expectancy in the African country is just 44 for men and 51 for women. In contrast, the global average life expectancy is much higher at 68 years, and as high as 80 years in the UK.


The low life expectancy in Malawi can largely be attributed to malaria, HIV/AIDS, chronic malnutrition, sub-standard health services, and inadequate access to safe drinking water and proper sanitation.

The World Healthcare Organisation (WHO) indicates that one in 10 children in Malawi will die by the time they are 5 years old. Yet the total public expenditure on health per capita, is just $50.

Dr Keedwell has been helping to deliver babies at the hospital in Truro since 2009, and his fiance since 2010, and they are under no illusions about the difficult conditions they will face when they arrive in Malawi next month.

"There are significant problems with healthcare in Malawi. It has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world.

"People have very basic access to medical care and the treatment they receive is limited.

"Yes, they do have hospitals, but intensive care is non existent and It will be a huge challenge working in those conditions,'' said Mr Keedwell.

"It will be such a different environment to the one Katie and I are used too, which is one of the reasons we have decided to go there.

"Hopefully, we will learn a lot, and bring some of knowledge and gain back to Treliske when we return.

"We realise the huge challenge ahead of us, but anticipate it to be hugely rewarding.''

Source: Cornish Guardian




Chris Riddle - My 6 Favourite Things



Chris is Secretary of the Royal Cornwall Agricultural Association, a title that dates back to 1793. It means Secretary and Organiser of the Royal Cornwall Show which this year is on the 4th to the 6th of June. He is married to Thelma and they have two grown up children Emma and Harry. 

  1. Edward Opie Painting - Edward Opie was the great grandson of  John Opie the famous 18th Century Cornish portrait painter. It was painted in the mid 19th Century and it is simply a fisherman selling his catch. I’ve always really liked it ever since I picked it up at a local auction sale a number of years ago. It is painted in a naïve style which I find particularly attractive 
  1. iPad - My life seems to revolve around my iPad these days both business and pleasure. I wouldn’t be without it. I use it largely for communication through emails, but I also like to keep in touch with people through social media. I use Twitter but Facebook is my platform of choice! 
  1. Agatha Christie - My favourite escape and a great start point for relaxation. What could be better than stepping back into the world of Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot!  I haven’t got a particular best story and I do have plenty to choose from since I have a full set. 
  1. Caughley Jug - I am very keen on the pottery that came out of this Shropshire factory for only a short period of time in the second half of the eighteenth century. They relied on Cornish “soap rock” from The Lizard for part of the mix. I’m a member of the Caughley Society and I am about to take over as national Chairman of the Society in a couple of weeks. I’ve collected this type of pottery for a long time. This jug is a very typical piece from about 1775.  
  1. Farm Animal Portraits - Although it is important to my job I actually love this style of painting from the 18th and mainly 19th Century.  They are painted in a simple style which I find really pleasing. The collection was collated by a couple of London dealers Stephen and Iona Joseph. Although Stephen is now deceased Iona is still going strong. They have an incredible collection of their own and have also been responsible for extensive research of the broader history of the genre.
  1. Early Cornwall Show Postcard Collection - I started collecting antique postcards of the early shows back  when I was researching for the bicentenary in 1993. I came across some cards myself and dealers alerted my attention to one or two others mostly from the early part of the 20th Century, around 1900 to 1910 and very evocative of the time.

Mardi Gras

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